MAST Documentation

Multidisciplinary-design Adaptation and Sensitivity Toolkit (MAST) is being developed at the Computational Dynamics and Design Laboratory through research efforts with a focus on design of nonlinear multiphysics systems that exhibit dynamic responses. Following is a brief list of capabilities for the software

  • Nonlinear heat conduction
    • Temperature dependent material properties
    • Radiation boundary conditions
    • Convection boundary conditions
    • 1D, 2D and 3D elements
    • Nonlinear steady-state analysis
    • Nonlinear transient analysis
  • Structural analysis
    • Thermoelastic loading
    • Surface pressure loading
    • 1D beam (Bernounlli and Timoshenko) and bar elements
    • 2D plate (DKT and Mindlin) membrane elements
    • Nonlinear von Karman strain
    • Nonlinear static analysis
    • Modal analysis (about nonlinear steady-state)
    • Nonlinear transient analysis
    • Preliminary ability to analyze NASTRAN input-deck parsed using pyNastran.
  • Fluid analysis
    • SU/PG discretization of compressible Euler equations
    • Small-disturbance linearized time-domain and frequency-domain solvers for Euler equations
    • SU/PG discretization of compressible Navier-Stokes equations (experimental).
  • Fluid-structure interaction
    • Small-disturbance flutter solution through coupling of structural and fluid discretizations.
    • Time-accurate fluid-structure interaction (experimental).
  • Aeroelasticity
    • U-g flutter solver with mode tracking
    • Time-domain flutter solver for piston-theory aerodynamics
  • Level-sets
    • Hamilton-Jacobi solver
  • Optimization
    • Level-set based topology optimization
    • Sensitivity analysis for almost all analysis capabilities mentioned above
    • Interfaces to optimizers (GCMMA, DOT, NPSOL)

MAST leverages following open-source libraries to enable efficient high-performance computations:

  • libMesh for finite element analysis capabilities,
  • PETSc for linear and nonlinear solvers.
  • SLEPc for eigensolvers,
  • Eigen for dense matrix and vector operations.


This discussion group is used to communicate on topics and issues pertaining to MAST:!forum/mast-multiphysics


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